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Software Development Training


Training is investing in your team

There's no substitue for experience. But training can help your organization build the right skills more quickly. By focusing on the way work happens on your team, we can help your teams to work more closely with each other, to break down silos, and to deliver better software faster.

What can Lab Zero teach?

You already have a zillion sources of training covering agility, testing, soft skills. Do you really need another? Only if these factors matter to you: 

Software engineers are unlikely to learn from non-engineers. We have yet to meet a coach that's able to earn the trust of a team of engineers and lead a journey of learning. By working with our top engineers you have access to deep experience in bringing the best software engineering practices to high-performing teams. Engineer to engineer, or product manager to product manager, or designer to designer.

When we engage to deliver training, we can work directly with your teams while they are delivering work. In some cases our clients have been able to capitalize this effort and basically get the training for free while delivering working software.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution for any of our clients. We will assess your current capabilities, propose an approach, and get to work. Sure, we'll probably quote The Agile Manifesto as we work together, but we're not going to be dogmatic about the material we bring to you. We know what's effective, and we'll share that know-how with your team. 

Need something more suitable for the classroom? For formal agility training, we'll call upon our partners at MBA3.0 to bring their expertise to the table. They will bring deep experience with Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and bespoke approaches for bringing your organization to the next level. 

Formal Agile training

Why even bother with training

You may ask yourself, "why does a team that has a solid track record of bringing new products to market for well-known brands even cares about sharing this kind of experience?" It's simple - through all of the engagements we've lead over the years, we have learned a few very simple lessons. 

Our success in any engagement is from working closely with our clients team members, understanding their strengths and what's holding them back. We are brought in to help very talented teams make small changes so that they can be more effective with their own product delivery.

This makes sense if you think about it: if the current behaviors of your team aren't helping your business flourish, you need to make changes to the way your team behaves. We can help you set clear standards to support healthy effective habits across your team. 

It's not just individual performance though, it's the way the roles on your teams interact. A wise person once said, "Teamwork is the toughest software challenge." We can help your designers, product managers, and engineers work together as a highly-effective unit.

At the end of the day, we want to leave your team with the ability to become self-sufficient in all the practices we've brought to bear on your toughest challenges. 


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