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How does agile training help you meet your goals?

Agile training can help your organization meet its goals by enhancing customer satisfaction, increasing speed-to-market and prioritizing for business value. Agile training will help your teams to work more closely with each other, to break down silos, and to deliver better software faster.

Which agile frameworks do we teach?

Agile methods and frameworks all trace their roots to the four values and twelve principles of The Agile Manifesto. They each address different kinds of challenges. For example, Scrum is primarily oriented at addressing team needs, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) addresses coordination across teams, at scale, and Kanban is a flow management system suitable for teams and all the way to the enterprise level.

scrum logoScrum

Scrum is a team-focused framework that emphasizes time-boxed sprints, with specific roles (such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team) and ceremonies (such as Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective) that must be followed. Scrum focuses on delivering a potentially shippable product increment at the end of each sprint. Learn more at The Scrum Guide.

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kanban logoKanban

Kanban is a pull-based system that emphasizes continuous delivery, with no specific roles and just two ceremonies that are required. Kanban focuses on visualizing the flow of work and managing WIP limits to optimize throughput and minimize lead time. Learn more at the Kanban Guide.

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safe logoSAFe

The Scaled Agile Framework, known as SAFe, provides guidance on how to scale agile practices to larger organizations. SAFe includes specific roles (such as Release Train Engineer, Product Manager, and System Architect) and ceremonies (such as PI Planning, System Demo, and Inspect and Adapt) that must be learned. SAFe focuses on delivering large, integrated solutions in a predictable and efficient manner. Learn more at Scaled Agile Framework.

Lab Zero's SAFe training approach

Frameworks we teach

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How does agile training help you meet your goals?

Which agile frameworks do we teach?

Why we specialize in private classes

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Why we specialize in private classes

We find that running a private class means much more than buying all the seats in a public class. It is a chance to maximize your team’s learning experience. Take the opportunity to customize the learning experience to your specific needs and goals, get early access to the instructor, collaborate with peers on real work objectives, and get individualized attention. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can get the most out of your training experience and achieve your learning goals more effectively.

Here are a few things you can accomplish with a private class that are hard to replicate in the public setting:

Before the class


During the class


Beyond the class


Design for current needs

The first opportunity is to refine the class to meet participants’ needs and address stated or known concerns. You can do better than getting a scripted training targeted for a broad audience. We can deliver a curriculum that meets your specific goals!

Align to existing transformation

In addition to participant and executive input, we can inform the design of the class in collaboration with internal transformation leaders, coaches and other change agents.

Ensure confidentiality

In a public class you cannot raise sensitive issues affecting your organization. Let’s sign an NDA straight away and fix that.

Share your context

Once we have an NDA in place, we can review all the context and documentation relevant to your situation.


Learn at your speed

In this setting, we can focus at the level and speed that fits your organization, whether that means starting with the fundamentals or skipping ahead to advanced topics.

Focus on your aims

Every topic raised helps the group move together towards a visible company improvement. Your team works to solve real-world problems or work on projects that are relevant to your organization.

Coach the group

We help the group identify how to put their learning into practice rather than try to figure it out on their own afterwards. This can help you apply the knowledge and skills you learn to your specific context.

Get individualized attention

You have the instructor's undivided attention. This can help each of you get the individualized feedback and support that can accelerate your learning.


Take action - with support!

Our private instructors will facilitate the group toward immediate action, and will be available, as and when appropriate, to coach the group after the class.

Share the group learning

The learning platform, the collaboration board, the simulation—all are available to the group after the class to share and prioritize for action.

Training the leaders

We directly train the leaders who will drive the transformation at your organization.

Group follow-up sessions

Follow-up needs, action items, and next steps are identified during the session, and we are here to continue to support the group if and when it's needed.




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