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You're Ready to Build When You're Ready to Learn

The last time we hosted a meeting for entrepreneurs, one of the more interesting questions asked was, “How do you know when you’re ready to build?”

Traditional Roadmaps Get Agile

No matter what process your teams are using, you still need a roadmap.  It’s how you connect your strategy with execution.  It guides the investment in people, tools, even acquisitions that need to be made to build the runway for your teams.

Introducing Lab Zero's Playbook for Customer Development

Think back to the last time you had to sign up for healthcare. Maybe it was through an online marketplace or an HR website while onboarding for a new job. Were you able to easily understand and compare the insurance plans?

Why Won't My Designer Just Focus on the Design?

You can draw a box around the design activity. You can restrict the scope. Ask the designer to just focus on wireframes. Maybe you think, if we focus on creating an intuitive, attractive design, then everything will be fine.

How To Make the Most of a Design Review

You’re our executive sponsor. You’re our business stakeholder. You’re our subject matter expert. You’re the business analyst who mocked up the data we’re presenting. You’re the head of product.

Business Agility Training

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) helps organizations build software products with large teams. Its practice affects all levels of a company from front-line teams to the CEO. Lately we’ve been fielding a lot of questions from our clients who are considering SAFe.  Some of them have loosely coupled teams, and just use a few tools like Program Increment Planning and Lean Portfolio Management. Other clients have teams with complex dependencies between them, and they need the whole framework.

What Is Your Team Fighting About?

People fight about all kinds of things. The desk near the window. Spaces versus tabs. Whether you can play more than three Sex Pistols songs in a row over the office hi-fi.

What Does Your Website Say About Your Company?

Your co-worker comes back from lunch and you can see immediately that they ate a poppy-seed bagel. They’re wearing their lunch on their face, and this is exactly what’s going on with your website.

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