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Building Agile Community with Lab Zero

For us, Agile falls somewhere between Faith and Practice. We believe that iterative building and learning makes a huge difference for the types of products we work on. Forming testable hypotheses, working with real users, and delivering on a rapid cadence are just some of the things that we insist on when we take on a new client.

The Number One Thing is The Team

Lab Zero is a pretty flat place. Organization-wise. When we’re working with clients our team members hold leadership positions because they’re able, personable, and have grit. But when we’re back at Lab Zero, we’re a flat org. There aren’t a bunch of VPs and Managing Directors like you see at many design/build outfits. But we’re growing now, and because The Number One Thing is the Team, we’re choosing now to promote some folks who have what it takes to help grow our teams and to set standards within those teams.

Don't Build Something Pointless

People get great software product ideas all the time. Modern software development injects reality to the picture. Agile and Lean practices, test-driven development, customer interviews: plans and teams that are tethered to reality won't float away and build something pointless.

Your Agile Transformation Will Fail

Software teams have been adopting Agile methods for decades. Small teams have crushed it, producing higher quality products in shorter time horizons with fewer bugs and less waste. And yet enterprise Agile transformation programs often utterly fail to produce the business outcomes their sponsors and proponents hope for. Why?

Bridging the Gap Between Development and Design

The worlds of software design and engineering intersect and frequently intertwine. The partnership is critical, and yet we often hear stories about how the two disciplines come into conflict.

The Paradox of Wasted Effort

Software is all around us. In banks. Operating rooms. It runs the power grid. Lands the airplane. Teaches our children. It's in the voting booth, and it's in our bedrooms.

Stress-Less Deployment

It’s noon at Lab Zero. Soft corporate punk plays on the hi-fi. Some people are eating lunch, talking politics. I look up from my salad. In #deploy somebody has written ‘Everything is deployed. Smoke tests are running. I’ll send an update when they’re complete.’ And I’m agitated. They added hard-boiled egg again.

12 Signs Your Client Trusts You

Your client pays your invoices. You passed all the background checks. But how do you know they trust you? We look for signs of trust from our partners, and we reinforce patterns that increase that trust. Here are some cues to watch for:

Painless, Repeatable, Profitable: a Continuous Research Cycle to Enable User Insights

You’ve already done some market research and run some customer surveys. Your product or feature idea meets a real need. Your data supports your decision to build the thing. We’re glad you got this far. When you work with us, we help you tune into the insights and anecdotes that keep your design and development aligned with the needs of your users.

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