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Stress-Less Deployment

It’s noon at Lab Zero. Soft corporate punk plays on the hi-fi. Some people are eating lunch, talking politics. I look up from my salad. In #deploy somebody has written ‘Everything is deployed. Smoke tests are running. I’ll send an update when they’re complete.’ And I’m agitated. They added hard-boiled egg again.

12 Signs Your Client Trusts You

Your client pays your invoices. You passed all the background checks. But how do you know they trust you? We look for signs of trust from our partners, and we reinforce patterns that increase that trust. Here are some cues to watch for:

Painless, Repeatable, Profitable: a Continuous Research Cycle to Enable User Insights

You’ve already done some market research and run some customer surveys. Your product or feature idea meets a real need. Your data supports your decision to build the thing. We’re glad you got this far. When you work with us, we help you tune into the insights and anecdotes that keep your design and development aligned with the needs of your users.

You Got This

You talk to your customers and you really listen.

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