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Building Agile Community with Lab Zero

For us, Agile falls somewhere between Faith and Practice. We believe that iterative building and learning makes a huge difference for the types of products we work on. Forming testable hypotheses, working with real users, and delivering on a rapid cadence are just some of the things that we insist on when we take on a new client.

Lab Zero contributes to understanding the benefits of Agile development, and promotes the techniques for managing Agile projects and organizations by supporting these community efforts.

San Francisco Bay Area Agile Leadership Network

SF Bay ALN is a forum of 3000 members for sharing practical experience and advice. They explore and develop Agile techniques, models and practices at the project, department, organization and enterprise levels. 

Northern California Agile Open California

Agile Open California is a coalition and annual meeting of Agile practitioners and advocates intent on providing an opportunity for learning, networking and growth to the Agile community in California and beyond.

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