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Client Partner

Lab Zero, a product design and development team in San Francisco, is looking for a Client Partner to work directly with our high-profile Bay Area clients. From new skills to new products, clients come to Lab Zero to turn their vision for change into reality. You’ll support a team of experts build trust and earn the autonomy to make high-impact decisions with a variety of clients, including industry leaders.

The impact this role brings is far more than mere ‘sales’ - you are a bloodhound for value. You recognize opportunities worth pursuing and coordinate with your partners on the delivery team to create a vision for how Lab Zero can activate that value for our clients. Your excellent communication skills and follow-through reinforce your role as a trusted advisor to our clients.

Responsible for:

  • Being point person connecting our clients and our services delivery teams, Lab Zero leadership, and customer stakeholders
  • Apply the RAMP framework (recognize, articulate, memorize, prefer) to insure continued client satisfaction, defined by the below:
  • Was the customer delighted with the work from Lab Zero?
  • Would the customer use Lab Zero services again, in a non-competitive bid environment?
  • Would they recommend Lab Zero to others?
  • Help our clients move ‘up the RAMP’ until they clearly prefer working with Lab Zero
  • Connecting with demand for services at customer organizations
  • Actively seeking warm, trusted referrals from satisfied customers
  • Showcasing Lab Zero successes to reinforce the Lab Zero value proposition with customers
  • Work with delivery teams to size project efforts
  • Facilitate pricing and contract negotiations for custom software development projects
  • Managing difficult conversations between using fair process to provide win-win outcomes
  • Early escalation of client satisfaction risks to Lab Zero senior leadership and customer stakeholders
  • Marshalling solutions to client satisfaction risks
  • Track and present customer costs and milestones against contract terms internally and externally
  • Handling up to five concurrent customers


  • Base salary
  • residuals on LTV of directly managed clients
  • residuals on warm, trusted introductions to net new clients
  • LZ Standard Benefits, etc

Successful Candidates will have:

  • 5+ years experience leading professional services delivery, preferably in technology
  • 2+ years experience leading client satisfaction for professional services delivery
  • Strong interpersonal skills in rapport.  Clients want to talk with you.
  • Ability to remain professional and likeable during difficult conversations.
  • An ability to handle disappointments and setbacks professionally
  • Track record in customer retention or glowing, extensive recommendations from colleagues

What Helps:

  • Agile software development delivery experience will help
  • Sales experience will help

About Lab Zero

Lab Zero designs and develops custom software and products that bring our clients' vision to life. We’re an experienced team of developers, designers, product managers, and leadership coaches. Founded in 2008, we design and build products for clients ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 10 powerhouses. Companies choose to work with us because of our collaborative culture, our mastery of modern tools and tactics, and our focus on understanding and serving real customer needs.