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Arts Ed Search

Homepage redesign for better information discovery

We helped redesign a website to improve its navigation, access to information, and fit with the branding of the parent company.


5 months

What we did

Arts Ed Search came to us to help tailor their site's homepage to their user base (Teachers, academic administrators, and researchers) better. We conducted small scale user testing on the home page, search page, and other key pages that could be impacted by a redesign.

The original site included a large matrix or topics. Our solution was to group areas of information into smaller, more commonly used groups of information. We also improved the navigation between these categories so that users might flow more smoothly from topic to topic.

We also helped restyle the site in accordance with the parent brand.

Last, we did a fair amount of restructuring on their unique content management system.

How we did it


Through remote user testing and stakeholder interviews, we got to know the content and the needs of the audience, and determined objectives for the new homepage.

UX Design Exploration

We designed several solutions to meet the design objectives.

Build and Refine

Next, we worked with client to review and refine on the staging site. Based on client and user feedback, we made incremental changes before in a later stage acommodating a visual design change.


Once the changes were complete, we published the site.

What we learned

Simplification is key. The client’s original goal was intended to give quick access to in-depth information, but it turned out to be overwhelming for some users. We presented fewer options, but provided a smooth, clear path to navigate to more in-depth information.

We also found that performing the most lightweight user testing possible was a good fit for assessing this type of redesign on a shorter project.  

We appropriated existing color coding to provide consistency for existing users. We made this color coding a more prominent part of the navigation.

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