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Beats Music

Front-end design for a big launch

Beats Music brought us in to prepare their customer-facing site for the launch of their new music service. We worked out of their office and stayed close to their design team in order to build an image-heavy, fully responsive site by their launch deadline.


Beats Music

What we did

Beats was preparing for a launch and wanted some last minute front-end help to meet their deadline. Working closely with their design team, we helped build out their customer-facing material and helped to create description of the service, pricing, team, and corporate information.

The app was written with node.js and is totally responsive front end design. This project involved retina assets and other bells and whistles, going above the usual call to make a highly refined site in time for big time sensitive launch.

The target for the app release was iPhone, Android, and Windows phones, so we made sure the site delivered well on each of those experiences and included device detection.

How we did it

Front-end development

Our developers sat with the Beats team in their office. We had a good collaborative experience with their designers, leading to quick turnaround, short iteration, and implementing some cutting edge technology on their site. In short, a small team on a short timeline was able to produce very high quality front-end experience.

The site we built used node.js and integrated with Beats's existing infrastructure.

Refinement and iteration

To optimize resource use of the site, we did some work around making sure everything performed well on the client's load balancers.

We also implemented some cool troubleshooting tools like Android debuggers to make sure the site worked well across various devices.

What we learned

Part of preparing for this launch meant getting their website ready for over a million users following a Super Bowl ad.

Getting a very image heavy website optimized for mobile devices presented some fun layout and performance challenges that we solved using some CSS3 and PJAX techniques.

We worked with other teams closely and based entirely in the Beats office. This helped us execute really quickly while speaking the same language as the design team.



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