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Clockwork Recruiting

Starting from Zero

If you're just getting started, we can be your product team. We worked with Clockwork Recruiting to build an online application for executive recruiters from only a product vision.


July 2010–present

What we did

Built a robust online application for our client, a small budget start-up in the executive recruiting space. They began with a business plan and vision for an online application, but no development experience, and needed someone who could build the application that would do the things they wanted.

In addition to the product itself, we built the company’s website and wrote its content, created a logo, and helped with branding.

How we did it


We operate as a full team with the client. We do daily scrums with the client to update on recent work, new challenges, and goals for the day, and weekly in-person meetings.

Refinement and iteration

We’ve refined and expanded the product continuously since its launch. We started with no product, and went to an early working version we could beta test with customers.

Our client’s users provide feedback, request features, and we improve performance and enhance the product as our client continues to build their customer base and move toward a self-sustaining business.


What we learned

This client represents the opposite end of the spectrum from the enterprise. He started as a one-man operation with a small amount of angel funding and needed to either hire an engineer to build the app he needed or find an alternative. We provided a full outsourced engineering and marketing staff without contributing to overhead. This lets the client spend money on getting the product to the level necessary to be at to sell it to customers.

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