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Bring wireframes to life

Our client had wireframes and design all figured out. We did the development to turn them into a functioning social recipe site.




April–May 2011

What we did

We worked with an early stage entrepreneur to bring their wireframes to life and see how the product would work with real people using it. Those insights helped us make immediate improvements.

We also helped perform a security audit to mitigate some spam problems.

Lastly, we helped deal with hosting emails through Facebook Connect.

How we did it


We built a Rails app based on the client's existing wireframes. We took a lean approach to staffing this; we had one engineer working one day a week on this project to keep costs down for the client.


This project required that we move quickly. Over just a matter of a few weeks, we'd make development changes based on what we were seeing about how people were using the product.

Operational Support

One thing we found out was that the email system the site used was vulnerable ot being exploited for spam. This led us to do some security auditing to prevent this from happening.

What we learned

We built this app using Rails 3, which at the time, was brand new. This project in many ways was an opportunity for us to validate that the cutting edge versions of Rails toolkit would work for us. Once we learned and proved these tools, we could apply them to other projects.

We also confirmed a lesson we've learned before: clients will learn more about their product by having it exist and having people use it than by refining wireframes and PowerPoint presentations. Once the product is out there and being tested by users, we can refine it quickly.

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