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Taking customer loyalty mobile

FiveStars is a customer loyalty platform that had been using a physical card and phone number as the main way for a customer to identify as a participant in a loyalty program. They asked us to help them create an MVP of a mobile app, which would help users find merchants that are participating in loyalty programs and enroll.







3 months

What we did

Made a mobile iOS app that takes advantage of modern iOS 7 technology (including push notifications, mapping technology, and metrics collection).
Helped the client prepare for their first foray into the mobile world. Their business is based on the interaction at a merchant, so their app needed to complement that relationship and behavior.
Created an experience that matched the client's designs, helping the business move away from physical cards and toward mobile for customer checkins.
Prepared the FiveStars team to manage their mobile development in-house.

How we did it


The FiveStars team approached us with designs, which we were to execute via our standard Agile development and continuous delivery process. This involved short iterations, quick turnaround, and working closely with the client API team and their designers to produce features quickly. We built simultaneously with their APIs being enhanced to support the work we were doing. This involved working with server teams to orchestrate everything.


We delivered every build to the entire team, letting everyone see the progress of the app on a constant basis. This was key to letting us create and refine quickly.


About halway through this project, there was a significant pivot in the design vision. We were able to to execute the new vision on time and under budget.


Before we submitted to the App Store, we made sure the client was equipped to fully take over future development themselves.


What we learned

Sometimes a change in direction leads to a better product. The design pivot we encountered midway through allowed us to deliver a product matching a demanding visual style without derailing the completion time of the project.
Because this was FiveStars's first foray into mobile, much of the success of this product came from delivering a good set of user analytics within the product. This allowed the client to track details like which elements of the app people interact with, how often, what the interaction flows were.
By delivering new builds as often and widely distributed as we did, we were able to go from no app to App Store submission in just around three months.
We trained some of the client's team members to be able to own the project and take control. This training set them up to be able to run several mobile teams going forward.
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