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Taking a prototype to market

We worked with to create an online platform designed to bring parents skill-building activities to do with their children. It also serves as an assessment tool for kids' educational and social progress.

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What we did

We collaborated with designers to build a prototype to help envision how this product might work. We then worked with the client team to hook up the protoype and bring it to market.

This platform was all about providing deeper levels of engagement; it needed to support activities for parents and kids to do together, leading to greater learning and social skills. For our part, we needed to create a platform where other skill acquisition could be added down the line.

This also resulted in teaching the Agile development and continuous delivery processes to the client's organization.


How we did it

Prototyping and testing

To help formalize some of the design and product vision, we started by building a prototype of potential visions of the product before we started building.


This project represented another case where the project we did served as a case study for using Agile software development with the client. Now, the client will be taking what they learned about this process and applying it to other purely internal projects.


The end result included a product that supports versioning of the content, and supports huge scale. We also taught the continuous delivery process GreatSchools so they could use this process going forward.

What we learned

We built the back-end of this product before having the content nailed down. It turns out the content shaped the architecture of the product, so we found that it's important in some cases to let the content drive engineering decisions.

The end result included a good amount of visual bells and whistles, including a fully responsive design, and rich content within the activities that work on different mobile devices.

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