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HP Fortify

Sketches to a working product in six weeks

Fortify is a division of HP Enterprise Security, who we worked with on the launch of a new service called Fortify on Demand.


September–November 2012

What we did

We led the design of the Fortify on Demand website. This included writing and delivering the HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and creating a style guide for HP to use for rolling out similar products.

How we did it

We went from initial meeting to final delivery in just six weeks for this project.


We started out with a Creative Brief that outlined the project goals, target audience, and competitors. This helps set the expectations for the design exploration and product milestones.


Every Thursday, we held a meeting with the client where we presented a clickable online demo, and collected their feedback on how the experience worked.

Visual design

Once the user experience and flow of the site were settled, we applied a final look, tone, and feel to the site.


Finally, we delivered the final website, code, and assets. We also created a style guide so that developers at HP could create similar sites using consistent principles.

What we learned

A lot of things went well with this project. Fortify had a great product to start with (we were just building a new web front-end to their existing product). Add to that quick and high-quality feedback from the client and quick decision making, and we were able to move quickly.

For this project, we worked exclusively on the front-end while the client handled the back-end integration themselves. This was a great way to create a working product from just sketched wireframes in the short timeline we had.

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