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A new identity for a veteran company

We helped social networking company Tagged in their transition to If(we), developing a new logo and identity and helping catalyze and commit to a huge shift in company culture.

What we did

Worked with the Tagged team to relaunch their brand as a new umbrella company: if(we). The company was transforming from a social networking app to more of a start-up culture, fostering the development of multiple new apps.

Developed the identity system for the new brand. The solution needed to be flexible and extensible for future growth, and include look and feel elements such as typography, color palette and imagery style. The identity was to be applied to the corporate website and other materials.

Designed a new logo, intended to express their new goals as a company, and offer flexibility to customize it for different occasions. The logo, design, copy, and website were to reflect the values connoted by their new brand name: a sense of possibilities and opportunities, an open-endedness, focus on connecting people and coming together.

We helped create the identity to support their new brand, including leading a brand attributes exploration, creating a brand voice and helping envision the information architecture, hierarchy, and copy for the new website.

Created design templates and built their company blog.

How we did it

Got to know the company's history and goals of the re-brand. Helped identify the key audiences for their website -- media and prospective employees -- and create a strategy to address both simultaneously.

Led a brand attributes exploration activity to help the team identify and articulate the values and personality of the company they wanted to shine through in their new identity.

Our design and content strategy efforts moved in parallel to create complementary messages, experiences, and visual assets that communicated the client's goals.

When the new identity was in place, we built their new website and blog. The blog was a major point of emphasis with the new direction if(we) was taking, between its positioning as a thought leader within the social networking industry and embracing of its recognized company culture as a recruiting tool.

What we learned

This project presented a set of interesting branding challenges: how do you address the need for a re-brand while maintaining respect for the history and existing product? What's the best way to address products that didn't yet exist in order to drive enthusiasm and imagination among current and prospective employees? We worked with the company leadership to weave together a story of where the company has been, where it wants to be, and how they're getting there.

Identity without a name: for much of our identity exploration, the company then known as Tagged hadn't chosen its new name. We worked on copy, taglines, and visual identity ideas before designing the new logo so that we could work quickly once a name was chosen.

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