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KidZania Photo Studio

iOS and Android apps for kids

KidZania has a network of educational parks around the world, where kids can go to role-play and learn about jobs and get paid for their work, just like adults in the real world. For this project, we helped them build a photo app that kids can use to take, accessorize, and share pictures -- in some cases, the photos taken at one of the KidZania locations would be uploaded and displayed at the park.

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What we did

We built identical apps, simultaneously for iOS and Android, that allow kids to take, edit, and share KidZania-inspired pictures. Because of the extensive international KidZania presence, the app needed to be internationalized in 16 languages and optimized for slow internet speeds.

The app also supports remote downloads of new assets that can be refreshed and updated by a central authority.

How we did it


The client did most of the design, and helped us prepare to construct a design that would be appropriate across numerous different screen sizes. We used an Agile devlopment cycle to turn the designs into a working product.


The apps were tied in with an in-park experience. Kids using the app within a KidZania park could take pictures and upload them to a photo mosaic that displayed in the park, promoting KidZ for a Greener World.


What we learned

Building on our previous work with KidZania, which was for internal use by the KidZania team, this project gave us an opportunity to create something for kids and visitors at the KidZania destinations to play with.

We were able to produce Android and iOS experiences simultaneously and have them come together in a short time using just a small team. Building for the two platforms simultaneously, and releasing a multi-platform app with identical interfaces was an exciting challenge.

Preparing for internationalization came with some troubleshooting challenges. Between the different languages and screen sizes we were constructing, concepts like right-to-left languages ended up impacting the layout of the apps and some of the assets themselves.

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