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MAGI Medicaid Website

Medicaid eligibility simplified

We built a lightweight web application that enables states to determine Medicaid eligibility of individuals and families under the revised ACA rules, using BlueLabs' back-end API.


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What we did

We were contacted by some folks at BlueLabs to help them produce a front-end for their API that allows someone (all the state agencies) to check for Medicaid eligibility based on Modified Adjusted Gross Income.

We put a small team together to design and build a simple front end that drives that API as a way to demonstrate the API capabilities. The front-end we built was designed to show various agencies that they could write their own similar JavaScript client to use this API, or they could simply use ours. We worked closely with the BlueLabs team and to make it happen quickly.


How we did it

Our clients wanted something quickly that incorporated with an existing API. We put together a simple form that was later turned into a larger web app.

Front end development

This project involved creating form elements to look pixel perfect based on an existing style guide that we were given. We used external libraries to make select fields look like input fields. The form's functionality was simple and involved checking for a particular piece of data to determine whether or not to show a field.

Testing and refinement

We used automated testing, allowing us to get this out the door very quickly so our client had something to demonstrate by a particular deadline.

What we learned

We used pull requests on Github, which helped our partners and the client team get visibility into the changes we made.

There was good communication and feedback on the work that was happening, allowing us to quickly gather impressions from other stakeholders and deliver changes.




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