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Responsive site for app launch

We helped prepare a website to support N3twork's launch of their mobile app. The app itself allows people to curate and share their favorite content on the internet. The site was comprised of rich imagery and was fully responsive, rendering on different mobile devices.




2 weeks

What we did

We helped bring together a website in around two weeks that announced N3twork's impending mobile app launch. We provided front-end development as well as some of the artistic elements.

We integrated with a JS library to create a scrolling behavior on the image slideshow. 
The final product was also touch responsive for touch devices.

How we did it

Front-end development

This site was built with a fluid design, including several breakpoints so the it would look right at any browser resolution, including mobile. The process not only made  for a more fluid experience, but also future-proofs against the plethora of screen sizes that are already out there and will continue to emerge as new tablets and phone sizes hit the market. We also got to include a number of CSS-only animations using CSS3.

The project involved iterating quickly with the client's design team to make tweaks on the fly, a good opportunity to practice our standard agile methodology.

What we learned

It's good to have quick feedback from the client decision makers so the work gets the right approval and visibility and moves quickly toward getting released.

In some ways, this project is a good example of our standard mobile process, which is to build not around breakpoints specific to certain mobile devices - i.e. 320px x 568px for iPhone - but rather to insert breakpoints whenever the design starts to look wrong for a particular screen size.

Creating the optimal responsive (and touch responsive) site involved building a single site with one code base, that looks good at all browser sizes and also functions correctly on touch/mobile devices.

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