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Our other projects

Nuke and Metrics Touch

Dashboard tablet apps for easy visualization of data

These were two small projects that involved creating apps that pull data from our client's system and make a dashboard with graphs and visuals that help someone get a job done.

What we did

These projects involved a small team producing something quickly that would integrate with a real system to visuailze large amounts of data in a digestible manner.

For Metrics Touch, we revised an existing iPad-based sales tool. The tool helps utility company managers monitor and analyze key performance indicators to analyze and diagnose power generation and transmission problems. Our goal was to redesign the app to increase the accuracy, consistency with the parent brand, functionality, and ease of use.

Nuke involved creating a similar type of dashboard to give power plant managers clear, actionable view of their operations. The Nuke back-end runs on SalesForce's Heroku cloud platform, which allows users to work with a set of real data from an active nuclear power plant. 

How we did it


For both projects, our role was to create dashboards quickly in order to highlight the analytical capabilities of our client. We first learned about the existing product and the needs of its new audience. From there, we determined objectives, design and UI principles.

UX and Visual Design Exploration

Here we designed key moments of the experience and determined the information architecture and UI interactions and patterns. We developed a visual design in tandem with the user experience process.

Build and Refine

Our developers worked with the client to review and refine in-progress prototypes based on client and user feedback.

Finalize prototype

Last, we completed the prototype for client-run demonstrations. We included mechanisms to track and maintain a list of feedback and changes for future iterations.

What we learned

These projects benefitted from close discussion with the client, close review of the client brand guideline, and a solid understanding of the original product and project goals.

The best way to focus on the utility and value of apps like these is to have a clear notion of the user and the problem that the application solves. We were able to help the client prioritize features and accept design ideas when they were able to see them in the context of meeting the needs of a real user. 

To facilitate easy decision-making with these apps, our design focuses on presenting key information early (via summaries) and clearly (via color coding and simple layouts). This way, users can quickly view and filter the critical data, with a clear direction to move beyond the summary into the detailed data. Anyone using the app can narrow data by region, plant, line of business, or method of generation. At the most-detailed level, users can email a screenshot of the data directly to the person in charge at that particular plant or region.

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