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Creating a hub for artists and fans

We worked with OpenAura to create an online platform that allows musicians and artists to curate and share content related to them online. It also gives fans the chance to follow the content related to these artists from multiple sources.

What we did

We worked with the founders of OpenAura at the beginning of its development to design and build a platform where all online content related to an artist can be curated, followed, and engaged with.

Artists can claim their online aura -- which comprises their presence online including artwork, photos, tweets, and information -- and use the platform as a single streamlined source of content for their fans. Fans, in turn, can easily follow and interact artists in a rich, meaningful way in a single space.

How we did it


We did the front and back-end development for the initial MVP. This platform necessitated creating a way to crawl massive amounts of data online. We used MapReduce on MongoDB and a good amount of asynchronous processing to sort, filter, and organize this data quickly.

Design and User Experience

This platform integrates with nearly every social media channel we could think of (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, etc). We designed a way that aggregated these different content sources in a way that was still intuitive for artists and their fans.


We trained the founding team while working on the project together, allowing for a seamless transition when we were done.

What we learned

One thing that worked really well with this project was that the founding team worked with us as we created the MVP so that when we were done building it, we were able to simply hand it off to them and let them run with it. There was no need for knowledge transfer following the development; they had all the info we did at that point.

We learned a lot about music-specific APIs when building this platform to create an ecosystem that could serve as a metadata source of truth.

Last, we got to use some rich client technology -- specifically, Backbone.js.

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