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Presentation Tools

Helping clients present something effectively

Sometimes your big ideas need to be presented in the best way possible. We've worked with our clients to help tell their stories effectively. These projects represent cases in which we provided presentation support, helping present complex ideas with visuals and interactive pictures where needed.

We worked with these clients to hear their presentation, and produced and designed a native iOS app to present and illustrate their concepts.

What we did

With our presentation projects, clients often need to present their ideas at a conference, both in one-on-one discussions and in larger groups. The content needed to be brief and allow a presenter to jump into different topics for different audiences, and move to subjects without a pre-defined sequence of slides.

We took some existing design guidelines and completely revamped them to give our clients an effective way of presenting their products. We then created an iPad app to display these presentations detailing our client's cloud consulting service offerings.


How we did it


First, we build a foundation for understanding of the content and the needs of the audience. We determine design and content objectives accordingly.

Visual Design Exploration

Here, we design key moments of the experience and determine framework, information architecture, and UI interactions/patterns. We develop the visual design in tandem with the user experience.

User Experience Design and Content Strategy

Because these projects involved supporting live presentations as opposed to something that existed only online, we needed to find the right balance on how much information to show at once, and how to use visuals to describe these new services while matching the company's brand and identity.

Since these projects entailed finding the right way to deliver messages effectively, honing the message and including the right amount and types of information, was as important as setting the right tone with the visual design.

Build and Refine

We work with our clients to review and refine native iOS prototypes via Testflight, then iterated based on client and user feedback.

Finalize prototype

Last, we helped our clients distribute the completed prototype to their team.

What we learned

Staying close to the subject matter experts makes for a smooth process and a design that tells the story effectively. When designers know what the story is, distilling and presenting the message is a fun task.

Our mantra while working on these projects: "What is the one thing you want the viewer to take away from this slide?" This helped us shed distractions and make sure that the right messages are present. 

These are projects that are fundamentally about storytelling. Depending on the context or audience of a given presentation, we learned how to build in flexibility in the content to be able to tell the story differently (yet correctly) each time. The presenter could choose to dig deeper into a topic if their audience asked for it. 

In some of these cases, we were tasked with unifying and simplifying complex, widely varying imagery. We used layout elements and color scheme from clients' other products and presentations to persist a “presentation brand” as well as a method of keeping the presentation as simple as possible.

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