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Real Gravity

Immediate need and forward-looking vision

RealGravity came to us to help them create a video marketplace for providers, publishers, and consumers. We divided our work into three to four week mini-projects, and on each one we worked on two tracks: immediate need and future-looking vision.


RealGravity/Scripps Interactive Network


October 2012–present

What we did

Helped Real Gravity create a forward-looking vision of their product (video marketplace) for providers, publishers, and consumers

Created a consumer-facing design experience that was compelling and intuitive, including a dashboard design, playlist creation flow, and a marketplace.

Provided design guidelines and support to Engineering for development of a working prototype that uses real data. This makes it easier to integrate with existing code.


How we did it


Familiarized ourselves with the requirements, the future vision of the product, what’s possible, and what’s in place now.


We created a sketch wall to get our ideas out, which led to our design requirements. These sketches on the wall became our wireframes. From here, we could develop and design in parallel tracks because we all had an understanding of general functionality and composition of elements.

Design and Development

We worked in pairs (developer + designer), to refine requirements while exploring visual concepts and researching what’s available/needed for Real Gravity’s code base.

Refinement and iteration

This project involves rapid iteration on design (reviews on progress every two days) for feedback. Changes to the design can be implemented in code before being finalized.

What we learned

Projects go much faster with smaller teams.

Designers and Developers can work together to have a design fully coded using an agile methodology.

Some projects needs constant and frequent interactions among team members to create a flexible environment for ideation and innovation.

We integrated design directly in the code so that we could be in sync as other product features were developed, which let us test design and functionality on an ongoing basis with RealGravity customers.

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