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Shire Pharmaceuticals

A CMS for tracking important marketing updates

Shire Pharmaceuticals has an evolving and critical set of marketing guidelines for their products. We helped them envision and create a content management system that allowed for not only the publication and editing of these guidelines, but notifying required partners of new guidelines and tracking their participation and acknowledgement of the changes.


2 months

What we did

Built a CMS proof-of-concept to show how Shire could manage their marketing guidelines, track document changes, and monitor compliance with a simple-to-use web-based tool.

Created various email notifications to send to partners based on their acceptance of the guidelines.

Designed the UI and interaction flows needed to support both people managing the business standards documents, and the readers of the documents.

How we did it


In order to produce a system that provided exactly what the cients needed and nothing they didn't, we first familiarized ourselves with examples of existing guidelines documents. This helped us understand the length, scope, types of content, and types of changes to the content that the CMS should support and emphasize.


We built a  content management system that helps with governance and checks and balances. It allowed business standards to be maintained, published, and edited. This system also needed a way to manage the contacts who are required to be apprised of marketing standard changes, alert them to new versions, and track their participation.

Interaction Design

Managing updates and maximizing the readers' understanding of them was a critical component of this project. Given that the documentation is comprehensive and changes big and small can occur anywhere within, we needed to design a process that let readers isolate and understand new guidelines.

What we learned

Because the marketing guidelines for pharmaceutical products undergo frequent changes with important ramifications, our primary challenge was to find a way to highlight changes in copy in a way that ensured they'd be seen rather than skimmed over, and properly acknowledged by all parties who needed to understand them.

Getting the buy-in from all marketing partners also required that we build a notification process that alerts users to new versions of the document and manages their participation.

As a proof-of-concept, short timeframe project, getting this product built involved ruthlessly prioritizing features in order to produce an MVP that would meet the client goals.


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