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Envision and design a mobile app for international money transfers

Xoom is an international money transfer service. They asked us to help them create the ideal mobile app to accompany their product. Doing this meant finding the balance between matching their existing brand and pushing it forward as they entered the mobile app landscape, while reflecting the emotional aspect of transfering money around to other countries in the design.


April–October 2012

What we did

Designed an experience that was intuitive, quick, and reflected the emotional, personal investment of its users.

Planned and led multiple rounds of user testing to explore design and interaction concepts.

Provided design guidelines and support to Engineering for product development.

How we did it


Learned about Xoom’s existing services, users, and objectives to build a foundation for the app’s goals, design, content and UI principles.


Designed key moments of the app experience and determine framework, information architecture, and UI interactions and patterns.


Developed two versions of interactive iOS prototypes and tested them with users to get feedback.


Fixed issues uncovered in first round of testing and designed app flows for another round of testing.


Iterated between, during, and after testing to develop and enhance user experience.           

Visual design

Applied visual design based on feedback from user testing, Xoom’s existing look and feel, and their goals for connecting with their user base.


Provided Xoom’s engineering team with visual assets and UI refinement in development for release.

What we learned

People are increasingly using financial apps with confidence on mobile devices.           

But, there is such a thing as too easy. With financial apps, users feel more confident in an app when there is a slight barrier to entry. We responded to this by adding authentication measures in the app.  

Users prefer apps over mobile website when performing specific tasks. They’re perceived as less cumbersome, more secure, and more refined.

Some mobile phone-specific gestures come naturally to many users. In testing, we repeatedly saw participants attempt to swipe forward or backward to move between screens. Rather than design around it, we incorporated the gesture into the app so that it reacted the way users expected it to.

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