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We let the numbers speak for themselves.

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Values that drive us.

People who come to work at Lab Zero tend to stay at Lab Zero because we believe in the power of great digital products and in the power of an intelligent approach to building them.

We trust and respect each other to work together.
We focus on outcomes based on evidence from the real world.
We share ideas as well as data, and acknowledge the truth even when it’s hard.
We show the way, and we’re always raising standards.
We commit to make things that benefit people.
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  • Chris Greacen


    Chris enjoys solving problems.

    Prior to coming to Lab Zero, Chris was Director of Engineering at Betawave (formerly GoFish Corporation), Chris steered the technology strategy supporting ad targeting, content syndication, and partner integration. Before joining GoFish, he defined and led the quality program for Donnerwood Media's launch of, a 3D avatar site that scaled to handle over a million members within 1 year. Prior to Donnerwood, Chris was the Sr. QA Manager at Kodak Gallery, where he hired, trained, and managed onsite and offshore QA teams responsible for Kodakgallery's services in US, EU, and China. Chris earned his degree from Boston University.

  • Dean Baker

    Head of Design

    Dean enjoys bringing together talented engineers, product strategists, writers and designers to create delightful experiences. He currently focuses on design thinking and strategy.

    Prior to Lab Zero, Dean's work included leading development for DNA Ancestry, managing front-end development for Kodakgallery's mobile and premium services in the US and EU, and designing and developing enterprise apps for BroadVision. Dean earned his degree from UC Santa Barbara.

  • Matt Wilson


    Matt is an enthused agile developer, architect, and consultant. He enjoys building elegant web services in Ruby. He believes that high-fives are underrated and measures the success of his day by how many he's seen.

    Prior to joining Lab Zero, Matt's work history includes: Co-founder/Architect at, Architect at Kodak Gallery, Developer at Westwave Communications, Engineer at Motorola, and Developer at Coldwell Banker.

  • Kate Bennet

    Director of Product

    Kate is a product leader who enjoys bringing teams together to solve complex problems and ship user-focused software.

    She has developed products across industries and platforms, from governments to startups and web to mobile. She previously led growth and retention projects at Imgur, headed up Product at Mindjet and managed innovation in the UK government. She enjoys speaking at Product meetups and mentors aspiring PMs.

    Outside of Lab Zero you can find Kate paddle boarding in the bay, providing kayak support for San Francisco’s Dolphin Club swimmers, hiking and tinkering.

  • Ned Holets

    Director of Engineering

    Ned has a passion for development be it web, iOS, kiosk or microcontroller. When he's not at the pier, he enjoys backcountry backpacking, making blinking things and fly fishing.

    Prior to joining Lab Zero, Ned was a published chemist, led development for Wondermill Webworks and worked at a custom crush winery. He holds a degree in Chemistry from Reed College.

  • César Idrovo

    Senior Director of Business Agility

    César's natural fluency in software and finance domains made him popular with both of those tribes at the start of his career. A bunch of degrees probably helped a bit, too. A couple of decades later, he now helps leaders improve the flow of business value end-to-end and innovate, and not just in their software engineering teams.

    The first half of his career was dominated by some of the largest financial institutions in the world so his consulting experience naturally includes household names in a few more of those. His client roster also spans startups to Fortune 10 companies, across numerous domains: payments, avionics, food retail, IT services, learning/education, customized marketing, fashion, e-commerce, renewable energy, manufacturing and others.

  • Sasha Voynow

    Principal Architect

    Sasha is an experienced Software Developer and Architect who specializes in online services, internet scale applications, enterprise Java, Ruby and Python.

  • Brien Wankel

    Principal Engineer

    Brien is a seasoned software architect with a passion for elegant code. He has over 15 years of internet-related software development experience. Prior to joining Lab Zero he has most notably been a Platform Web Services Architect at Outspark, Inc, a platform engineer at Yahoo, and Co-Founder of Sureshot Hosting.

    A transplant to Arizona, Brien calls Tucson home along with his wife and their two sons. When not writing code, he is an amateur athlete, a part-time printer, an aspiring mechanic, and a lover of music. He is confident that the next wave is the one that will finally gain him a coveted spot on the unofficial Lab Zero surf team.

  • Shiun Hwang

    Software Engineer

    Shiun has over 12 years of software development experience.  His current passion is iOS development and mobile development in general. He is a strong advocate for balance between design and function. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures, learning to cook newly discovered recipes, and being a weekend warrior playing softball.

    Prior to joining Lab Zero, he worked at Spirent Communications as a Protocol Engineer developing web traffic generators for testing appliances. He also worked at Blue Coat Systems as a Proxy Engineer. He has multiple applications published in the Apple App Store. He also has a Bachelors and Master of Science Degree from UCLA. 

  • Jeffrey Carl Faden

    Software Engineer

    Jeffrey is a front-end web developer, well-versed in cutting-edge HTML and related technologies. Jeffrey enjoys sugary foods, cute animals, video games, and putting web sites together at blazing speeds. 

    An HTML creator since he was nine, Jeffrey most recently worked as a developer for Linden Lab in San Francisco. During his educational career, he studied Computational Linguistics at University of Washington, Seattle, and University of California, Santa Cruz. He also spent several years teaching a free class on front-end web development at Noisebridge Hackerspace.

  • Tracey Thompson


    Tracey is a well-rounded designer with a background in visual design, user experience, print, and environmental graphics. She has worked with clients such as IDEO, McGraw-Hill, and Visa.

    Tracey enjoys working on a variety of projects and loves the collaborative environment Lab Zero provides. As a designer, Tracey likes to take things apart and figure out how to make them both work better and look sharper. Outside of the office, Tracey is a founding member of the unofficial Lab Zero surf team.

  • Jim Ochsenreiter


    Throughout his career, Jim has witnessed the transformative power good design has on small and large organizations, individuals and cultures. While technology and trends continue to evolve, the classic elements of type, form, color, image, and the written word have combined with his curiosity about history and culture for a constant source of inspiration and growth.

    Jim's experience includes brand identity, corporate communications, strategic marketing, web, mobile and UI design, large scale business and publishing systems, print management and production.

  • Seth Freeman

    Senior DevOps Engineer

    Seth wears many hats. Depending on his mood, you might see him in a baseball cap, a cowboy hat, or even a beanie if the conditions are extra-cold … or extra-hipster.

    He wears a techie hat when he’s bringing his decades of experience and expertise in software configuration, quality assurance, management, and technical writing to the evolving world of DevOps at Lab Zero. He wears his LinkedIn hat when he tells you about his prior work history at Ofoto, Kodak, DoughNet, Wadsworth, Course Technology, and many consulting clients large and small. He wears his Hollywood hat when producing videos for himself or clients. He wears a rockstar hat when he's, well, being a rockstar.

    He wears his loving husband hat when he’s building chicken coops and garden beds for his beautiful wife. He wears his outdoorsy family man hat when he and his wife take the kids camping at the beach or in the mountains. He takes his hats off when he sleeps, unless it’s cold and he’s sleeping outside.

  • Michael Jelks

    Software Engineer

    Michael is a software engineer with over 10 years of experience in full-stack web development. Prior to Lab Zero, Michael has been involved in the direct development at multiple startup environments, where he was responsible for planning, implementation, and operations management.

    In his spare time, Michael enjoys photography and is an avid cyclist. You can typically find him doing both somewhere in the hills along the peninsula.

  • Adam Ducker

    Software Engineer

    Adam is a front end developer with over ten years experience writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a variety of platforms. He lives in Arkansas with his wife, Whitney, and their three children.

    When he’s not working he enjoys cooking and baking vegan food. #aquafaba

  • Robert Adams

    Software Engineer

    In the Midwest, Rob got his start at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State first learning, then instructing educators on the use of Macromedia Authorware to develop interactive educational software. While there he created a web-based game which was profitable, fun and chock full of opportunities to develop and support web software at scale. He moved to Oregon in 2001 and in the time since has consulted for businesses such as Willamette Week, where he helped build solutions for integrating movie times and community events into the print process.

    Rob previously worked as a senior software engineer at another established software development company, and client work brought him and his mutt down from the mountains of Southern Oregon to the Bay Area. Since joining Lab Zero in November of 2015, Rob has been excited to learn new technologies and better practices while also having increased opportunities to share some of the knowledge he’s gained over his career.

    In his free time, Rob enjoys contributing back to open source as well as more analog activities such as hiking, camping and traveling.

  • Clayton Hopkins


    Clayton is a UX and product designer, who enjoys strategizing, wireframing, and prototyping thoughtful design solutions for mobile and web. Prior to joining Lab Zero, Clayton freelanced for a number of lean and mean startups in the greentech, consumer, eCommerce, and biotech spaces.

    Outside of Lab Zero, you can find Clayton cycling year-round on the beautiful roads of Northern California, swimming with the San Francisco Tsunami’s, or watercoloring in sunny (and sometimes foggy) Dolores Park.

  • Jennifer Lyn Parsons

    Software Engineer

    Jennifer is an experienced front-end developer from New Jersey who loves JavaScript, thorough documentation, and the creative act of building things with code. Her “always be learning” attitude has led to a wide range of programming experiences and is how she ended up falling in love with Clojure and writing a text-based RPG game engine.

    Her previous work is in the eCommerce space building online experiences and optimizations for clients such as 1-800-Flowers and Target.

    When not coding things, she writes books, runs a publishing company, plays video games, and makes things out of wool. Sometimes she sleeps.

  • Nicole Scherm

    Software Engineer

    Nicole is a software engineer with a focus on front-end web development. They have a passion for making information meaningful and relatable, developed while earning an undergraduate degree focused on cognitive neuroscience. As a generalist, Nicole enjoys jumping into projects where they can pick up new skills. Prior to working at Lab Zero, Nicole designed and developed websites and web apps as a freelancer, and previously built and maintained an internationalized web app at Samsung.

    Outside of work, Nicole can often be found dancing, making stuff (everything from art to clothes to food), doing circus things, and volunteering in the local community. Nicole tried surfing years ago and is admittedly not very good at it.

  • Venkat Murali

    DevOps Engineer

    Murali loves nature and spending time outside to find himself and to refresh his mind. He brings this refreshed mindset and experience to his DevOps work at Lab Zero. Early on he started his carrier as a linux administrator with a passion for new technologies which eventually led him to DevOps. He is comfortable working on new technologies when they come and uses these new ideas to resolve problems and save time. He is also a good son for his parents and used to do experiments with food whenever he got a chance. If he offers you one of his custom dosas give it a try!

  • Nisch Reddy

    Senior Product Manager

    Nisch has been working on software teams for the last seven years, helping to bring products to life in non-profits, start-ups and enterprise SaaS companies. She enjoys thinking through ambiguous problems and collaborating to build meaningful solutions. Her work has helped bring transparency to healthcare costs, launch three consumer-focused healthcare co-operatives funded by the Affordable Care Act and empowered teams in small, medium and enterprise companies to manage their projects.

    In her free time, she enjoys walking the trails around San Francisco and beautiful views of the Bay. She also loves pottery and is on a perpetual hunt for good food and coffee.

  • Daniel Feusse

    Senior Product Manager

    Dan is an experienced product leader who loves being part of a team building great experiences and tackling hard problems.

    Prior to Lab Zero, Dan led a product and teams within Google after attending an MBA program at Cornell University focused on product management. Previously he shipped live, consumer facing products as a Product Manager at a Silicon Valley startup and as a Front-end Developer at a renowned data visualization studio. He started his career in data and advanced analytics at two award winning agencies.

    Aside from work, recently Dan has been getting to know his new puppy. He also enjoys reading, music, getting some kind of workout in, and traveling. His favorite spots last year were Japan, South Africa, Portugal, and Todos Santos.

  • Drew Adams

    Senior DevOps Engineer

    Drew is a fun loving geek with a firm belief in letting computers do the boring stuff so us humans are free to have fun living fulfilling lives. He is equal parts technical ability and communication skills, and loves helping others.

    Drew is passionate about free and open source software. He can be found dressed in green and fully geeking out at the openSUSE booth at the SoCal Linux Expo every year. He volunteers as a Member of the Board of Directors for LOPSA. He fills much of his free time learning new things and picking up new hobbies. He regularly goes roller skating, and attends dance classes. He enjoys cooking and eating… especially spicy foods. He plays table-top games weekly at LA's best geek bar. Because that's what he is. A geek.

  • Abe Barakat

    Financial Analyst

    Abe is a Financial Analyst and Senior Manager of Operations with over 15 years of experience in small to medium sized companies.

  • Jean-Carlos Ortiz

    Senior Product Manager

    Jean-Carlos has a diverse background working with software and business teams for over 25 years. From Wall Street financial technology to video gaming; from start-ups to large corporations, Jean-Carlos brings a wide range of experience to the table. Recent projects include expanding a gaming company’s reach in Latin America and building mobile apps targeted at small business customers for major bank.

    Outside of work, Jean-Carlos brings his passion for teamwork to playing ultimate frisbee and his passion for iterating to build great products to cooking and mixology.

  • Sue Kim

    Client Partner

    Sue comes to Lab Zero with over fifteen years of experience delivering quality software for companies in finance, healthcare, e-commerce and more. Her intimate understanding of both customer and team needs allows her to provide the best experience for all of Lab Zero's partners. On weekends, Sue can be found hiking, backpacking or doing just about anything other than dusting.

  • Nyka Kwon

    Office Ops Manager

    From the land of camel milk, baobab honey, and non-profit international development, Nyka has found a soft landing in the Bay Area and Lab Zero as she explores how high tech clouds can complement low connectivity desert sands to solve solutions towards employment innovation, youth empowerment, and sustainability for the Sahel region. She puts her detail-oriented DNA to use to manage smooth operations for Lab Zero, championing rockstardom for team members' success.

    And, if the cradle of modern music as we know it interests you, Nyka can connect you to some of the most bad-arse musicians who luckily pass through the Bay Area.

  • Travis Gaff

    Software Engineer

    Travis is a full-stack software engineer with experience from the hardware level on up to the front-end.  He is an advocate for unit and integration testing throughout software systems and believes that automated testing is a cornerstone of building long-lasting, maintainable applications.

    When not working on software Travis mixes travel and the great outdoors, through activities such as camping, hiking, scuba, snowboarding, and landscape photography.  While Travis has attempted surfing, he doesn't feel he's ever quite gotten the hang of it.