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Public and Private Agile Training

Thank you for considering our public SAFe classes. We aim to help you get traction actually implementing the class you attend. We also offer private SAFe classes, SAFe evaluation and tracking workshops, and a complete program of SAFe implementation and coaching.

We are a Scaled Agile Transformation Silver Partner

We help you solve problems

The certificate is a good credential, but we know you wouldn’t spend two days of concentrated time just to hang another plaque on your wall. Whether you’re trying to improve employee engagement, improve software quality, or just get to market faster, we help you dig into the problems you need to solve.

Our three-pronged approach works time after time

Effecting Agile transformation is a little like planting an orchard. You need to plan for the right season, check that the soil can provide the right nutrients, and then water, water, water. At Lab Zero, we use a three-pronged approach that ensures your Agile transformation will survive and thrive.

Assessment. What is your team’s level of Agile fitness? What areas are strong for you, and where do you need to grow? Our assessment methods use interviews with team leaders and members as the start for analysis and a series of recommendations. What you get is a snapshot of where your team is today, and a recommendation for where they need to be in order to achieve transformation.

Training. We offer SAFe and Kanban training programs to bridge the gaps between today and your desired future state. Using your assessment as input, we design a training program that seeds the right ideas, processes and values with the team while focusing on specific problem-solving that’s relevant to your needs. Our training is hands-on and experiential, with lots of back-and-forth to keep adult learners engaged and contributing.

Coaching. We stick with you through assessment and training, and then stay with you to help you form Agile  patterns that are reinforced over time. The first PI Planning session after everybody has been through Agile training is a great example of this. Our coaches have been in the hot seat during those sessions, and they stay with you to make sure you’re not only going through the motions but also aligned on the value that comes from the process. Weeks later, those coaches are embedded with your team to monitor your progress and reinforce those healthy new patterns.

Our product development team 
is our training team

As both product development practitioners and Scaled Agile Transformation Silver Partners, we are able to share in our classes the lessons that we’ve learned along the way.

To learn more about each trainer, go to the Lab Zero team page. 

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Experiential Learning

We know that adults learn by doing. Our courses are interactive. Students are encouraged to give feedback to the instructor and to each other. Collaborative exercises give everybody a chance to practice what they’re learning. By the end of each course, everybody has a little better understanding of the problems addressed by Agile, and how to solve them.

Sustained Advantage

Lab Zero Agile training gives you the skills to meet a changing environment with confidence. In the context of an Agile transformation, you’re positioned to be a leader--not just a follower. This comes from the real-world experience of our trainers, and the hands-on learning during the class.

Our students have a 95% pass rate for certification. Agile certifications help you to get ahead, and stay ahead in your current job. More than that, they position you to level up now and during your next job search. In the fast-evolving world of technical product development, certifications are an important credential that allows you to ‘jump the queue’ to get in the front door in a hiring situation.

What are people saying about Lab Zero training?

"As part of SAFe Scrum Master, we built a roadmap for making our teams more effective. Since I was interviewing for a new role, I framed the exercise in terms of my team in my next job. Here’s the crazy thing: during the interview process, in preparation for an in-person interview, I sent this list (from the course) to my interviewer. Can you believe it? They canceled the interview and offered me the job!"
-Debbie McNeill

"Like I was just telling my mom: this has been an amazing class. The coaching, the expertise, the examples: it’s well worth it."
-Robert Davis

"Kinesthetic. I’m a hands-on learner and I just love that stuff."
-Jeff Nixon

"Your boards are so much more thorough than other SAFe classes, how you used the interactive boards for the class. That was amazing. You should sell that."
-Adrienne Rinaldi

"The real-world insights and first-hand observations were incredibly powerful to help me put these new ideas in context."
-Toby Lucich

"Money well spent, I highly recommend!"
-Jeff Webster

"Laser focused on achieving the learning objectives and gaining insight."
-Simon Chesney

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