What is SAFe Implementation in Scaled Agile Training?

Scaling Agile is a daunting task with high stakes. There are big gains to be had, but it can also fail so dramatically that a development organization can suffer years of developmental setbacks. After guiding some of the biggest Fortune 100 enterprises through this transformation, we've found a pathway that shows incremental improvements along the way, promotes confidence in the process, and that can be tuned while underway for the best results.

Evaluate Your Teams

This is where we start. Together, we decide whether SAFe is right for you. That means looking at SAFe. And it means looking at your teams.

Our goal is to align all stakeholders on the right SAFe approach for your organization. Our evaluation workshop brings leaders together for three days to learn the framework in your context, model implementation options, and decide whether, when, and how to proceed. Each organization starts at a different place when it comes to scaling Agile. We help you to find yourself and your peers on an established maturity model to determine where you're starting, and what your first successes will look like.

It's much more efficient to do this assessment at the beginning, before making implementation plans. Transformation can't be forced with knowledge workers. We help you look honestly at your current practices, cultures, and proficiencies to help you assess the risk and gains of scaling Agile.

Train Your Teams

If SAFe is a good fit for you and your org, we're there to get you trained up. Successful SAFe transformations start with buy-in at the executive level. Your team leads and business stakeholders start by understanding what they have to gain with SAFe, and from there go on to learn and practice techniques to make the transition. Very hands-on. Interactive. Adult learning models.

Your trainers are experts in the domain. But they're also practitioners themselves. Partnering with people who actually do the work means getting more than a certification, as valuable as that certification may be. Private, facilitated training keeps the focus on business and organizational goals and adapts to your needs.

SAFe Implementation

Having teams and coaches already successful with SAFe is critical to the broad adoption of SAFe across your organization. Without team members modeling the behaviors that pay off, an enterprise Agile transformation never sinks in; it never takes off. You need contributors with feet firmly on the ground who have seen this work before. People who can assess what's happening and recognize positive patterns and reinforce them.

We help you aim your SAFe rollout at the business outcomes that will make an impact. Monitor the implementation closely to adapt, customize and scale what works. Accelerate self-sufficiency by developing your own experts and change agents.

A Complete Agile Transformation Program

The Lab Zero team can help you with your journey toward SAFe and we offer a complete program of organizational Agile transformation. Our biggest successes come when we start by helping you assess your organization and SAFe to determine if there is a fit. Training then builds confidence and competence in preparation for change. We stay with you through implementation to model, recognize and reinforce what's working.

Are you ready for a complete Agile transformation?



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