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Lab Zero Launches Lunchdowns

Lab Zero Team members are passionate about staying up-to-date with latest topics and tools of our trade. We regularly host show-and-tell experiences in which a member of our team presents a topic to the rest of the team. They’re fun! They’re informative! They’re a little exclusive.

One goal the Lab Zero Team set for 2016 is to get more involved with our Bay Area tech community by attending and hosting meetups. The Tech scene in the SF Bay Area has an extremely active meetup scene. Meetup groups get together every night to share stories, learn something new, and expand their networks.

While we love to attend evening meetups in the SF Bay Area, we’re busy professionals with equally busy personal lives. Our evenings are often packed with family time or pursuits outside the tech scene.

Our decision to host a meetup series comes with a twist: we’ll host brief presentations, demos, talks that we think are useful and relevant. We’ll present topics suitable for engineers, designers, and product owners — all the usual meetup fare. The Lab Zero twist is that we’ll do it over lunch at our office in the San Francisco Financial District.

A picture of the team at lunch

Photo by Michael Jelks

We call our meetup a Lunchdown. You can join our meetup group to stay up-to-date with our events.

Our first topic Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 11:30am is about the React ecosystem. React, a JavaScript UI library, has skyrocketed in popularity — but getting a grasp of all of the technology surrounding it (npm, JSX, ES6, Redux, etc.) can be intimidating to developers already familiar with the front-end. We'll help you understand each piece of the puzzle as we hit the ground running.

Don't get caught eating lunch at your desk - swing by our office instead for our new lunch meetup series, Lunchdown, to get more involved in the tech community and to learn more about the React ecosystem. Don't forget to invite your friends, too.

Hope to see you at a Lunchdown soon! Attendance is limited, so you’ll want to grab a seat early.

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