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At Lab Zero, our people are masters of various trades and skills. We'll share posts on topics we find interesting. Read on...

At Lab Zero, our people are masters of various trades and skills. We decided to share that knowledge with you, too.

Painless, Repeatable, Profitable: a Continuous Research Cycle to Enable User Insights

You’ve already done some market research and run some customer surveys. Your product or feature idea meets a real need. Your data supports your decision to build the thing. We’re glad you got this far. When you work with us, we help you tune into the insights and anecdotes that keep your design and development aligned with the needs of your users.

You Got This

You talk to your customers and you really listen.

Get Your Project on Track with a Speclet

Your team is heads-down implementing a new feature, and you hit a bump in the road. The checkbox, ‘Apply to All’, at the bottom of the form is hard to implement. The team already built all the other form elements on the page with little effort. The way they see it, if they just leave the checkbox out, they’ve implemented 90% of the functionality in half the time. What they don’t know is that this checkbox is a “magic checkbox” which would save the customer filling out the form multiple times.

What Do Your Tools Say About Your Company?

Did you ever hear somebody talk about a tool they loved? Or a tool they hated? Here are some quotes from knowledge workers about when they ran into conflict with the tools they used. Here’s Carlton, a design lead:

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