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The Number One Thing is The Team

Lab Zero is a pretty flat place. Organization-wise. When we’re working with clients our team members hold leadership positions because they’re able, personable, and have grit. But when we’re back at Lab Zero, we’re a flat org. There aren’t a bunch of VPs and Managing Directors like you see at many design/build outfits. But we’re growing now, and because The Number One Thing is the Team, we’re choosing now to promote some folks who have what it takes to help grow our teams and to set standards within those teams.

We’d like to introduce Kate Bennet as Director of Product, and Ned Holets as Director of Engineering.

Replace Me    Replace Me

Before coming to Lab Zero, Kate developed products across industries and platforms, from governments to startups and web to mobile. She led growth and retention projects at Imgur, headed up Product at Mindjet and managed innovation in the UK government. But the trait of hers that hooked us was her engagement in developing the Product practice at Lab Zero, and her unique ability to mentor other Product Managers.

Ned has always been self-directed, highly skilled, and a natural in client interactions. Over nine years with Lab Zero, he has found the keys to technical success over and over on challenging projects, and at the same time grown steadily as a team leader. We’re thrilled to watch him work, and count on him to bring our clients’ teams to new heights.

Before you go--we’d like to remind you what our ‘maw-maw always told us:

Find a place to settle down where you can satisfy your interests by working on a variety of projects. Become a master of your trade. And when it comes time to lead--well, don’t ever turn your back on a challenge.

How does that sound to you? Talk to Kate about Product at Lab Zero. Or get in touch with Ned about opportunities in Engineering.

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