You Got This

You got this.

You talk to your customers and you really listen.

Your team works from a backlog that everybody can see.

You cut scope and build just what your users need.

You practice continuous integration so that your code base is always stable.

You can make tough decisions not because you’re the boss, but because you get sound advice from good people.

Your engineers can write and run unit tests, functional tests, and integration tests.

You break down silos and get people talking to each other.

Your estimates are no more accurate than they need to be.

You get fast feedback on each feature you release.

You identify obstacles early and get them out of the way.

You deploy exactly the same code to development, test, and production.

You give feedback on designs based on product goals and design principles.

You apply hotfixes with confidence, because your code is always stable.

You demo new features every week, and people come to watch.

You engage with customers, and your customers love it.

Your stakeholders are aligned on what your team is producing.

Your new features can be turned on or off at the touch of a button.

Your customers tell you that your product just works.

You deploy in the cloud, and can bring new servers online within minutes.

You collect data to test your hypotheses.

Your designers and engineers keep talking even after the design is ready.

You share your customer conversations with the whole team.

You trust your team and they trust you.

Your stakeholders get delighted every week.

You reach out when you know you need help.


You got this.

But let's stay in touch, just in case.

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

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